Hornby model railway Baseboard system

Building your HM model railway Baseboard from a supplied kit

Our model railway baseboard kit is particularly suited to those who want a single-piece baseboard for a Hornby layout.
Aimed at starters using a typical Hornby trainset, the standard HM baseboard kit provides a 1.8M x 1.2M board which folds flat for storage. It is intended to accommodate Hornby's trackmat but could be used for any model railway track layout which can be fitted on that board size. Other modular baseboards are available from HM at 8 Front Road Woodchurch, Ashford, Kent TN26 3QE by special request.
Building a Hornby baseboard-leg assembly
Leg assembly with hinge
Building the Hornby baseboard- corner brackets
Installing corner brackets
Building the Hornby baseboard- holes for hinges
Drilling holes for hinges
Building the Hornby baseboard-mounting hinges
Hinge mounting with 2x1 support
Building the Hornby baseboard-squaring up legs
Squaring up the legs to fit the stay.
Building the Hornby baseboard-stay fitting for legs
Stay fitting for legs.
Building the Hornby baseboard-stay fitted in
Stay fitted in.
Building the Hornby baseboard-granite paper underlay
Roll of granite paper
Building the Hornby baseboard-granite underlay paper
Using the granite underlay paper.
Building the Hornby baseboard- spacing bar, hammer and tacs
Spacing bar and hammer and tacs
Building the Hornby baseboard holes for wiring
Making a hole in the baseboard for wiring.
Building the Hornby baseboard-wiring up the track
Wiring up the track
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